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Our mission is to lead the next generation of fashion by applying equality to design, shopping, and gender expression. Shop without gender categories or othering due to body differences.

"The fact that y’all just categorize things as “pouch front” and “flat front” actually brought tears to my eyes, plus who doesn’t want iridescent underwear?" 

- Nic

“If others are experiencing the same joy I experienced while putting this outfit on, you’re lighting the community on fire with happiness! It feels so good to wear clothes that celebrate my body and queerness.”

"I LOVE your new lines! These are gender-neutral designs that I actually want to wear (and are affordable) and that aren't just baggy t-shirts and hoodies."

- Levi

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Everything's Better in BUNDLES!

Spread the Love:Mix & match any 3 of our new undies in any size, any cut, and any color or print, and get 10% off! You can go all flat-front, all pouch-front, or try some of both! Just add your picks to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout! 

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