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The binary between testosterone and estrogen as the male and female hormones was created by scientists who used their authority to reinforce their belief in the gender binary, rather than to examine and present the actual facts. 
  • 5 min read
I had been told by an older gay guy that bisexuality is just a step towards “coming out for real.” I had found the right word to describe myself, but my trust was so monumentally broken that all of my actions became a test to see if I was real. 
  • 0 min read
The narrative that queer people were less visible in the past and have progressively become more visible over time is inaccurate. And the cultural understanding of what makes someone be seen as abnormal in their gender and sexual expression has also changed dramatically over time.
  • 9 min read
Just like the US has used laws and specifically immigration policy to cement its racist assumptions, so goes New Zealand. In this edition, we’ll talk about the role of race in prostitution policy, and the effect of these policies on migrant populations.
  • 0 min read
One of the most common accusations thrown at LGBTQIA+ people in order to invalidate and disappear us is that we are unnatural. Something we should consider is who gets to speak for nature? That diversity is not only natural in human and nonhuman species, but healthy and necessary for the survival of the species. 
  • 7 min read
Stoney Michelli Love, designer and founder of Stuzo Clothing, chats with us about their creative process, designing for future generations, foundations in art, and what inspires them.
  • 0 min read
2021 has seen an unprecedented attack on transgender rights. There is a misconception among many cisgender people that they need to understand trans people before they can support our right to exist. You don’t have to understand us to speak up on our behalf. 
  • 6 min read

Interfaith Minister and author of Gay the Pray Away Erika Allison chats with us about healing, the long-term aftermath of conversion therapy, methods to empower yourself in relationships, and finding supportive spiritual environments to reconnect to your faith.

  • 0 min read
When we think of sex-work-friendly cities, Amsterdam probably comes to mind. We won’t go into why that’s more marketing than fact, but let’s set our sights on something more real. Follow me on this dive down under (pun intended) into the sex work scene in New Zealand. In this piece, we’ll look at the general policies, what it does well and what it has fumbled. 
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Gender neutral pronouns, besides singular they, have existed in the English language for hundreds of years, although most of them have not gained widespread popularity. Since the 1300’s, English speakers have attempted to introduce more than 200 gender neutral pronouns into the language, and some of them have made it into dictionaries.

  • 8 min read
When I set out to write the history of the harness, I should have sensed the spiral of research I was about to be drawn into. As with much of queer history, I became fascinated with the gender and sexual dynamics at play in this history-behind-a-history. I seem to have a knack for pulling at a thread that leads to a whole gay-ass sweater. 
  • 5 min read
This week we break it up a bit to talk about Uganda. Specifically, we’ll look at a human rights catastrophe of a bill that has made a zombie-like reappearance. The recently passed Sexual Offences Act has made a bad situation dire for LGBTQIA+, seropositive, and sex-working Ugandans.
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