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This week we’ll talk about the very reasonable demands from sex workers around the world. Above all, sex workers need access to the systems already there.
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Let’s examine and disprove the Equality model, a series of bills that propose an end demand to the human trafficking prostitution hybrid they’ve created in their rhetoric.

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This travesty of a sex worker ‘protection’ model shamelessly misuses the language of the sex workers’ rights movement. So, here’s a little dip in the pond of sex workers’ rights. 
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I came out as non-binary during quarantine; I am a part of that generation of gender discovery. The part of quarantine breaking that no one prepared me for is the daily misgendering.  Queer spaces become even more sacred as we build up our skin to daily life again.

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Monogamy has become the “default” in many parts of society, but the truth is, it is only one way of doing things. And when has that ever actually… worked? Join us in a think piece on polyamory and utopia...
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Introducing: Play Out After Dark! This online space is a response to censorship on other platforms....
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