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The Emmett Skirt Harness - Black

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Is it a challenge to find wardrobe pieces that adequately express your  fabulousness? Do you struggle to choose between cuteness and fierceness on any given day? Have you ever seen a harness in a shop and thought, ‘If only it had a  skirt, this would be the perfect garment’? WELL. Meet the Skirt Harness - the next-stage evolution of our iconic Lapel Harness. Up top, it’s a sleek shawl-style fabric lapel; below, two matching straps support a knee-length skirt in floaty, lightweight material! Over a t-shirt and leggings, it adds a shot of androgynous fun for daytime; over booty shorts and a tank (or nothin at all!) it makes a dramatic statement for your next nocturnal adventure.

-Available in TWO sizes: XS-XL and 2X-5X

-Fabric: Poly Blend 

- Care: machine wash cold - hang to dry

Ethically made in Mexico

Detailed Size Chart

Size Lapel length Full length Hips
 XS-XL  19  49  44-82
 2X-5X  21  51  44-82
Size Lapel length Full length Hips
 XS-XL  48  124  112-208
 2X-5X  53  130  112-208