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Abby & Liz

Abby Sugar and Liz Leifer, Play Out underwear owners, stand next to each other.

Abby Sugaris the Founder and CEO of Play Out Apparel. She launched Play Out's first styles in 2014, as the first and only gender-equal underwear brand to show at Lingerie Fashion Week, and graduated from The Founder Institute Silicon Valley Winter 2020 cohort. As an outgoing, unapologetically queer startup founder, she strives to be a leading voice in and for the LGBTQ+ community. Abby’s entrepreneurial spirit and unique personal style give her an outsider’s advantage in the world of fashion. After her original cofounder left Play Out and she took some time to re-envision the brand, her dear friend E Leifer joined as CDO in 2017.

Coming from a background in the arts, E Leiferstarted their career as a painter and scenic artist, transitioning into film production and creative direction in fashion. They expanded their skill sets by learning Ecommerce marketing and business, having held positions as the Product styling Manager for Net-A-Porter & Mr. Porter and as the Director of Creative Production at Intermix. As a non-binary member of the trans community and veteran in the fashion industry, Elizabeth utilizes the culmination of their experiences to learn and grow with the industry, as a private brand consultant, stylist, and as the CDO/ Co-Owner of Play Out.

Play Out is an ecommerce underwear and athleisure brand, with no need for the binary of gender. Our vision is inclusive fashion for our diverse world. Play Out offers gender-equal clothing to help the LGBTQ+ community shop their authentic selves, to find and buy sexuality and gender-expression affirming apparel with affordable price points, unique artistic designs, and an inclusive shopping experience for customers. We are sexuality, gender, race, age, size XS - 5X, and ability inclusive.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community deserve to see themselves reflected in the brands they shop and the clothes they wear; we strive to build a brand founded on a mission of queer visibility and celebration. For queer people, gender nonconforming and transgender individuals, shopping for clothing can be incredibly stressful and intimidating. We were unable to find sexuality and gender-affirming apparel, and knew that we needed to design and manufacture it ourselves - so we did!

E tells their story on "I'm From Driftwood"

Play Out and Liz participated in the VideoOut LGBTQ digital library and SpeakOut Storytelling event in NYC.