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PLAY OUT APPAREL is leading the next generation of self-expression and fashion by applying equality to design, shopping, and gender-expression.

Play Out Apparel, is a gender equal clothing brand and community launched to fill a gap in the market: allowing everyone to “Shop Your Style, Not Your Gender.” What does equality in design, shopping, and gender-expression really mean? It’s not a men’s shirt or a women’s shirt - it’s a shirt. It’s not a women’s dress - it’s a dress. Play Out specifically uses the term gender-equal and NOT gender-neutral, because they are not trying to ‘neuter’ anything, or have masculine gender expression as the default - their mission is about celebrating and creating space for all gender expressions, equally.

Queer and trans owned, Play Out was co-founded by Abby Sugar & Grey Leifer in 2018. Not seeing representation reflected in brands and apparel, specifically the lack of inclusivity in underwear, was the catalyst for these co-founders to design and manufacture it for themselves. 

The gender-equal startups mission is to positively impact queer visibility and represent queer celebration. Queer people, gender nonconforming, and transgender individuals deserve to see themselves joyously reflected in clothing and brands. Allies, of course, are welcome in the community to shop, support, engage, and enjoy Play Out’s signature soft underwear and streetwear. 

How does Play Out define gender equal shopping? Dismantling the notion that gender defines style. Play Out offers inclusive, affirming apparel with affordable price points, unique artistic designs, and a shopping experience that is inclusive for all customers. The website does not have “Men's" or ``Women's" sections; it has categories like “flat front” or “pouch space;” all tops are categorized as unisex.

For the Play Out Founding Team, the startup came from a personal need for gender-expression affirming apparel to exist. Every person should feel able to authentically express themselves and move through the world with positivity and ease. Clothing, and shopping from brands that represent who we are and reflect our values, is a major way that we do that as social beings. They are creating the brand they wish existed when they were younger. 

Grey left Play Out in 2022 to pursue other passions, while Abby continues to lead Play Out and their mission of gender-equal fashion for all. 


Abby Sugar, Founder/CEO of Play Out Headshot - a white caucasian woman looks directly at the camera, wearing a leather hat, with her hands beside her face

Abby Sugar, Founder



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TITLES: YU GOTHIC, in CAPS, bold, medium or light.

BODY TEXTEnglish Grotesque, all the family in all weights.

No specific color scheme—logo is typically overlaid in black in an appropriate corner of creative depending on specific imagery. Favoring high-contrast over pastel/tonal color schemes.

Play Out Apparel Horizontal Logo - No genders, just style
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The Play Out Apparel Team is available to speak about their company and mission, the future of fashion and fashion tech, Gen Z consumer values and spending power, startups, fashion, diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), and topics important to the LGBTQ+ community and individuals.