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What Pride Means to Me - Play Out Community

"Pride for me is just an opportunity for all of us in the family, in the LGBTQIA+ family to just be who we are. Unapologetically queer. Unapologetically gay. Unapologetically outside of what society deems as the norm."


"I'm so proud to be queer and non-binary. Our people are so beautiful and diverse and powerful and resilient and creative and innovative."


"When I think about what pride means to me I am brought to a quote by one of our trancestors, Audre Lorde that, "I am deliberate and afraid of nothing."


 "It's just kind of amazing how far we've come in showing our pride. Where it began as a revolt against just giving us our simple rights to just us showing ourselves as humans and nothing but that."


"One of my favorite things about pride is just being amongst the community, being amongst people who are just so authentically themselves and being unapologetic about who they are and who they love."


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Why Play Out Apparel? 

As a queer and trans owned brand, our mission is to lead the next generation of self-expression and fashion by applying equality to design, shopping, and gender expression. We design streetwear and underwear with inclusive sizing (XS-5X), responsibly manufacture at a woman-owned factory, and prioritize using overstock of fabrics and recycled materials whenever possible.

"The fact that y’all just categorize things as “pouch front” and “flat front” actually brought tears to my eyes, plus who doesn’t want iridescent underwear?" 

- Nic

“If others are experiencing the same joy I experienced while putting this outfit on, you’re lighting the community on fire with happiness! It feels so good to wear clothes that celebrate my body and queerness.”

"I LOVE your new lines! These are gender-neutral designs that I actually want to wear (and are affordable) and that aren't just baggy t-shirts and hoodies."

- Levi

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Who are we?

Photo of the Play Out Apparel Team - John Lackner, Grey Leifer, Abby Sugar

Founder and CEO Abby Sugar is proud to be an out LGBTQ+ startup founder. 

Play Out Apparel was created because we didn’t see ourselves reflected in existing brands and apparels. Specifically we couldn’t find underwear and streetwear that represented us or was gender inclusive, so we designed and manufactured it for ourselves. 

OUR MISSION is to positively impact queer visibility and represent queer celebration. Queer people, gender nonconforming, and transgender individuals deserve to see themselves joyously reflected in clothing and brands.  And allies, of course, are welcome in our community to shop, support, engage, and enjoy Play Out’s signature soft underwear and streetwear. 

We are queer, lesbian, gay, trans and non-binary owned. We represent those words with care and with an openness to continue to evolve and serve our community and beyond.